At HB Web, we believe it is our goal to also give back to our community and those in need. Out of principle, we provide 15% discount to all non-for-profit organizations, but also once a year in March to be specific chose one NPO and create a free website for them that will be sponsored by us for as long as the NPO is doing their part towards the community.

Sponsorship Program

We provide a sponsorship each year March to an NPO that we can see makes a difference. This package is worth between R1250 - R5000.

Three deserving not-for-profit organizations will be chosen by us each year March, where we then will give the public a chance to vote for the one they feel deserves the sponsorship the most. The winner will then be made public whereby we will donate services in the form of a free website design, graphic design, and online marketing.

Not-for-profit organizations interested in applying to our sponsorship program, we ask that you write a letter describing the motivation and mission of your not-for-profit organization, your marketing/web/graphic needs, and your financial need. Please fill out the application form and upload your letter as a PDF.  Application letters should be 500 – 1,500 words.

You can submit your application here or contact us at 0110400859


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