Josh Brady , Cole Claire and Angel Rivera together at last

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Josh Brady takes two naughty cute twinks, Cole Claire and Angel Rivera under his control as he dominates their juicy firm butts in this hardcore bareback gay teen porn movie from Helix Studios.

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Josh Brady is a twenty-year-old stud with a handsome face, smooth lean body and he has both of his nipples pierced. He is five feet eleven inches tall with brown hair sexy hazel eyes, and he is versatile with an eight-inch cock.
Cole Claire is only five feet five inches tall, and he looks barely legal. He has a cute face, floppy brown hair, and a smooth lean body that is perfectly formed. He also has sparkling green eyes, he is versatile with a seven-inch dick and an ass that craves plenty of attention.
Angel Rivera is a hot Latin twink with a smooth young body and thick juicy lips. He is five feet seven inches tall, has dark brown hair, brown come to bed eyes, and he has green eyes, is versatile and has a seven-inch dick.

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Sitting half-naked on the couch, Josh Brady is getting some sweet loving from Cole Claire and Angel Rivera as they kiss and caress his face and smooth hard body. He orders his naughty twinks to put their pants off, and as Angel carries on kissing him, he orders Cole to bend over the couch. With his cute ass up in the air, and with his tight underpants clinging to his ass, Josh starts spanking his ass quite hard. Josh then asks Angel if he likes getting spanked, and after he says yes, he bends over the couch in his jock strap right next to Cole. As he chastises Angel, Angel asks him to punish him harder, which Josh is more than happy to do. He spanks him so much that it doesn’t take long before his ass becomes a fire engine red.
Cole takes off his underpants, and with both his and Angel’s asses before him and their tiny tight buttholes on show, Josh’s hands rains down on both of their unprotected backsides.
Now that he has proved how dominant he is, Josh pulls off his own pants and orders the boys to suck his cock. They munch down with relish, and they take it in turns kissing him on the lips and going down on his rock-hard boner. Now that his cock is well lubricated with their spit, he bends the twinks over the couch once more and gets into some serious ass play. As he probes his hungry tongue deep into Cole’s ass, his finger slides up and down the crevice between Angel’s Latin cheeks and he pushes it right in up to his knuckle.
He takes it turns spanking, licking and fingering both of their juicy assholes, and then with Angel still bent over, he stands up behind him as he inches all eight inches deep into that slippery wet asshole and fucks him bareback.
After fucking that sweet bronzed ass for a while, he takes his cock out, and then slips it straight into Cole’s beautiful still red ass and drills him balls deep. He keeps fucking them both raw and hard with his thick slab of meat and fucks them in some amazing positions.
With Cole Claire on his back, Josh carries on fucking this cute young twink as Angel Rivera strokes his cock until his balls tighten up. With a cry of pleasure, he shouts out he is about to cum. Cole opens up his mouth, and as Angel’s cum escapes from his pulsating cock, Cole takes it all into his mouth. Cole can’t stop shouting, and as his cum shoots out over his body, he shakes all over. Josh Brady pulls out his dick, and as he starts cumming over Cole’s perfectly fucked asshole, he slides his cock all the way back into him one last time.
2 For 1 will make you bust a nut with the close-up shots of Angel and Cole getting their freshly spanked asses fucked bareback. You can actually see their eyes glazing over in wonderlust as Josh fucks them like there is no tomorrow. The cum shots are so good that you will wish you were part of this twink trio as jizz flies all over the place. Once again, Helix Studios prove why they are an award-winning site, and why they are known all over the world for their high-class gay teen porn videos. Watch more Helix Studio Models at

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