Social Media Services and Management

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General information about Social Media:

As life is constantly evolving and humans adapting to the fast lifestyle we are chasing to become better, richer and more powerful, is it understandable why technology is growing at the rate it does. Statistics that was released in 2016 showed that 75% of cell phone users are using online search engines and social media as a hub and decision maker to find what they are looking for. If anyone is unsure of the power of social networking, we will gladly proof what social media can do for any brand.

Where everyone believed once upon a time that social media is only for single young people or old and married cheaters are it today part of everyday life and a major networking playground. Word of mouth has always been the best marketing tool and that is what makes social media so great… Happy clients will talk about what you did for them and prospect clients will see it giving you more revenue monthly.

Why should all businesses have a social media plan of action?

The answer is simple… the fact that over 1 billion people engage in social networking worldwide opens a whole new world of possibilities. By using social media as a customer relationship and marketing platform to advertise your services and receive leads in return is an endless opportunity for any business. A Social presence will increase your exposure as well as increased traffic to your website and in return small and new businesses has the same tools as the big corporate companies. The use of social media as a marketing strategy has proven results that range from improved rankings, business partnerships, improved revenue and reduced marketing budgets.

Being a qualified and accredited social media partner for Facebook, Twitter, and HootSuite, can I only urge you to allow us by helping yourself in building a more powerful online brand.

Why HB Web?

  • In-House Management:

Every social media client we manage is done in-house and not outsourced.

  • Content:

To be successful in social media marketing, there is much more involved than posting a few links. We need to successfully direct clients to the website by making use of blog posts that in return is being shared via social media.

  • Integration:

The experience and expertise we hold enable us to go beyond simple social media management by implementing a solid plan from branding, design, development and writing unique content.

  • Custom and Unique

Every project we work on is customized for your company. Always taking current needs in consideration.


  • There are more than 1.6 billion daily users on Facebook
  • Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent
  • There are 500,000 Facebook “likes” every minute
  • 79% users are using Facebook from their mobile
  • 745 million daily mobile users
  • Over 350 million photos uploaded daily
  • Average 21 minutes users spend on Facebook daily
  • 927 million hours users spend on playing Facebook games per month
  • Facebook generates $1.4 million in revenue every hour
  • Facebook drives 23% of all website traffic


  • There are 100 million daily users and 325 million monthly
  • 78% of users are using Twitter on their mobile device
  • Total 500 million tweets are sent per day
  • 55% are female users and 45% are male users
  • 86% ad revenue comes from mobile
  • Average 170 minutes users spend on Twitter

Our Packages we have to offer

Every package we offer is according to social standards that state a general amount of postings per social platform

Social Media Account Creation and Optimization

Want to manage your own account but have no IDEA where to create it and how it works... This is a problem for many people but not for us because we will set everything up and dedicate 30 minutes one-1-one to teach you how to work your social media...

The prices above is towards any account of your choice although we recommend you look at Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for an all round exposure!